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Suburban Sports Group Rinks

LHC B Hockey

8U Mite Program: Contact Jared Pardoski

10U B Senators Green: Head Coach Ben Surato , Manager Jessica Johnston

10U B Senators White: Head Coach Nathan Arnold , Manager Jessica Johnston

12U B Senators Green: Head Coach Brian Kasper , Manager Jennifer Hemmes

12U B Senators White: Head Coach Kevin Markle , Manager Kim Han

14U B Senators: Head Coach Dave Desrochers , Manager Theresa Goodreau

Senators JV Prep: Head Coach Ray Kibzey , Manager Sarah Holmes

For team scheduling information, please log in to TeamSnap. If you are not connected to TeamSnap, please contact



10U Squirt (Players born in 2011 & 2012)
12U PeeWee (Players born in 2009 & 2010)
14U Bantam  (Players born in 2007 & 2008)

16U/18U Midget (Players born in 2006 - 2003)

*All divisions are co-ed


We now use an online registration process only. Registration Fee will be due at the time of registration. If the program is eligible to pay by installments, your credit card will be automatically charged the amount listed in the payment schedule on that exact date.

If your player is injured or unable to participate due to unforeseen circumstances, you remain responsible for all of your player’s program fees. 


Start planning now for the 2021-22 hockey season.  All registrations can now be completed online.

Players and coaches are required to ensure with USA Hockey prior to participating in on-ice activities.  USA Hockey registrations MUST be completed online at  The cost is $45 per player or coach and paid online with a credit card.  In an effort to keep your registration documents organized, we ask that you register and turn this form in with your registration packet.  By providing your confirmation page sooner rather than later, all documents can be organized and the last minute scramble when forms are missing can be avoided.   

B Hockey
In all programs, it is our goal to provide a great experience for every player and coach.  To that end, we work hard to ensure that each player is playing at their competitive level and that teams are evenly formed to create an environment where every game is competitive and meaningful.

During team formation, the Suburban Staff along with registered coaches take into consideration first and second-year players in each age group, bigger versus smaller, aggressive and passive, resident addresses (can’t have more than 3 out of district), skill level of players as well as make sure each team has at least three volunteer coaches and a goalie!  As you can see there are a lot of considerations that go into forming teams and we make it the highest priority at the beginning of the season to take our time to evaluate players for a longer period of time in hope that we can create better parity amongst teams. With that being said, once the season begins players and teams will develop at different rates and anything can happen once the games start.

Travel Hockey
We are happy to welcome this season's travel teams to the Lansing Hockey Club.  Please note that all travel players must register with the Lansing Hockey Club for the 2021-22 Season.  Deposit and uniform fee (if applicable) is due at the time of registration.

Division Registration Fee PMT #1 - DUE 9/15 PMT #2 - Due 10/31 PMT #3 - Due 12/31 Total Cost
10U Squirt $150 $325 $325 $145 $945
12U Pee Wee $150 $575 $450 $350 $1525
14U Bantam $150 $725 $450 $400 $1725
16U Midget $150 $825 $450 $400 $1825

If your player is injured or unable to participate due to unforeseen circumstances, you remain responsible for all of your player’s program fees.